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Over 50,000 pianos moved.  Member of the Better Business Bureau. 

Piano Movers – Long Island, NY is associated with New York City’s premier full service piano company, Beethoven Pianos, and we will simplify your piano moving & storage needs. Who better to move your piano than New York City's preferred piano movers. Were a fully insured moving company.  We'll treat your piano like one of ours. You can trust your piano and other valuables in our hands

Piano Movers – Long Island, NY provides full moving services to the Long Island , NY metropolitan area. From our Long Island office, we offer a complete range of residential, commercial and automotive moving and storage services. We handle local and long-distance moves, including en-route pickups, for our Long Island moving clients. We also operate our own full-service and self-service storage facilities in New York.

Long Island Movers

Our Long Island movers know how to handle delicate items—electronics, appliances, breakables, fine art, safes, pianos, antiques, grandfather clocks, appliances, light fixtures, chandeliers and more—with skill and care. Our up-to-date moving trucks are equipped with the latest safety features and moving equipment. Every member of our Long Island moving team is a dedicated, trained professional.

Piano Movers – Long Island, NY offers full packing and unpacking services for our Long Island clients, as well as partial packing and unpacking services for electrical equipment, lamps, artwork and breakables.

Long Island Moving Services

Our Long Island moving services include local moves, long-distance or interstate moves, commercial moving, or automotive moving.

Moving in the Long Island

Piano Movers – Long Island, NY provides expert local services when you’re moving within Long Island or to a destination nearby. Long Island local moves are usually shorter—with distances of 300 miles and travel time of six hours or less. We are associated with New York City's Premier Piano Movers and full service piano company Beethoven Pianos.

No one has moved as many pianos successfully as we have. Over 50,000 pianos moved.

Don't let a furniture mover move your piano!

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Piano Movers – Long Island, NY has a full knowledge of many brand names such as: Charles R. Walter, Yamaha, Kawai, Mason & Hamlin, Bechstein, Acrosonic, Aeolian, Knabe, George Steck, H.F. Miller, Sterling, Cable, Ellington, Howard, Kranick & Bach, Bechstein, Samick, Bluthner, Boston, Cable, Charles Walters, Estonia, Falcone, Faziolo, Grotrian, Bosendorfer, Kohler and Campbell, Kranich & Bach, Petrof, Pleyel, Samick, Schimmel, Yahama, Steinway, Wurlitzer, Hamilton, Baldwin, Chickering, Sohmer, Story & Clark, Young Chang, Blunthner, Bohemia, Pleyel, Etrof, Ellingon, Chippendale, Hailun, Pearl River or Ritmuller.

Piano Movers – Long Island, NY

Piano Movers – Long Island, NY is the piano moving company you are looking for. Our piano movers have been to virtually every neighborhood in New York City, Long Island (from Nassau to Montauk) and the tri-state area, moving pianos up the stairs or into elevators in pretty much every building in Manhattan. And there is no city in the world which combines more pianos of all shapes and sizes with more varied flights of stairs than New York City.

Whether we are moving your Yamaha, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin, Bluthner, Bechstein, Chickering, Samick, Kawai, Knabe, or Steinway Concert Grand piano or your upright piano, Piano Movers – Long Island, NY will keep your piano move as uneventful as possible. Please check out some videos of us moving pianos on YouTube, and leave your next piano move to the piano moving experts, Piano Movers – Long Island, NY..




Moving a piano requires experience, skill, and strength, especially where stairs are involved. Our experience ranges from the mundane to the insane, and we are as well-prepared for any piano moving contingency as any piano mover you can find. We have the knowledge and equipment to protect your piano and to overcome virtually any difficulty, as our many references will attest. We are professional Long Island piano movers and we have moved over 50,000 pianos



We can move any upright or any size grand piano, and stairs are no problem. If you don't know whether a piano will fit up your stairs or around a turn, we provide piano moving estimates locally. Piano tuning and repair services are also available, as well as piano storage. We give flat rates on all piano moves, as well as flat rates on armoires or antiques, art, furniture, and any crated items.

9' Steinway Concert Grand Piano which we moved down
9 flights of stairs.

Moving the 9' piano carefully around tight corners on a stairway

Moving a Yamaha or other upright piano is something we do
every day.

Please call us for a quote. It is helpful to know the type and size of piano -- the height of an upright piano or the length of a grand piano -- as well as all locations, steps, flights of stairs, and unpaved or uneven ground involved in the move. If you know the brand of your piano, such as Steinway, Baldwin, Yamaha, Kawai, or Mason and Hamlin, please include that as well since it helps us know more precisely what to expect.

Thank you

Piano Movers – Long Island, NY