Why some are choosing Grotian over Steinway

While the "Steinway" brand may be the most well known brand among pianos, GROTIAN is has been a consistent player that has some choosing GROTIAN over Steinway . Beyond the exceptional craftsmanship, GROTIAN has become known for their modernized facilities that work toward their goal of sustainable manufacturing. By choosing environmental-friendly materials and processes, GROTIAN is able to produce highest quality pianos while reducing emissions. 

As quoted on their website "In the application of environmental friendly polyester and paint, GROTRIAN leads the way. To ensure the good health of all employees and an environment friendly work process, the spray room recently has been equipped with a cutting-edge airflow system, that filters all spray mist and absorbs it in a water circle. A special bond extracts the damaging particles and cleans the water."

Their innovative approach to manufacturing is paving the way for other brands to follow. 

Larry Fine, renowned piano technician and author of "The Piano Book" said that Modern Grotian Steinweg pianos are among the "highest quality" - on par with Hamburg-built Steinways, Faviolis, and Bösendorfers, and higher quality, in his opinion, than New York-built Steinways.

Now thats something to think about when choosing your next piano.

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