Sauter 220 Grand

Sauter 220 Grand


This unique instrument is the pinnacle of versatility and utility. With a bright and playful upper register that does not 'pierce' and a rich bass befitting of a 7'3" piano, it is a truly facilitating instrument in the pianist's hands. This piano produces concert hall-worthy sounds with minimal effort, as well as facilitating contemporary compositions with additional soundboard demarcations. More information about this piano can be found here.

'Contemporary compositions often dictate that the pianist not only strike the keys but also "attack" the strings directly. SAUTER has therefore developed a system of additional register demarcation for the Omega 220. Colored register lines mark important division points on the sound board, enabling the pianist to immediately find the corresponding positions on the strings. This allows the player to switch rapidly between keys and strings. To facilitate orientation among the numerous strings, the dampers are color-coded black and white to correspond to their respective keys.'

Model: Sauter Omega 220
Size: 7’ 3”
Pyramid Mahogany Gloss
Condition: New
Main Showroom (211 West 58th Street)

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