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Over the past 40 years, we have dedicated ourselves to finding the best pianos and offering them to our customers. From small family pianos to magnificent concert grands, our diverse collection can help you find the perfect instrument. We also offer a range of services, including concert rentals, personal rentals, tuning, moving, piano storage, rebuilding, refinishing, and other technical support to ensure that any piano owner's needs are met to the highest degree of quality and satisfaction.

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We offer a range of rental options, from special event rentals, to year long rentals for you and your family.

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TUNING & Repair

We have masterful tuners in our team with excellent tuning and repair expertise with flexible work hours to fit your schedule. 

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Our collection of grand and upright pianos ensures that you will find the perfect piano for your musical needs.

Grand Pianos    Upright Pianos



In addition to pianos, we offer accompanying accessories from piano benches, lamps, metronomes, music stands, and more.

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Our equipped piano warehouse has the ability to revitalize a worn and damaged piano into a magnificently refurbished instrument. 

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With our team of classically trained technicians and equipped piano factory, we can offer the best refinishing capabilities.

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Concert Hall

We offer a state-of-the-art concert hall and recording studio, available to rent for recitals, recordings, workshops, readings, and more.

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Who We Are

Established in 1970 by Munich native Carl Demler, Beethoven Pianos is the oldest family-owned piano store in New York City. Known for our eclectic and diverse group of piano enthusiasts, our team has garnered extensive expertise in the art of piano sales and production. Our years of dedication and service to our customers have earned us the patronage of many well-known musicians, actors and other people of prominence. Our clientele include Lady Gaga, Bono, Woody Allen, Renée Fleming, Andre-Michel Shub, Max Roach, Roberta Flack, Richard Goode, Jenny Lin and many more.