Beethoven Pianos Featured in Short Documentary: The Final Note

The Final Note is a portrait of our Beethoven Piano's Warehouse in the South Bronx. Beethoven Pianos has roughly 400 pianos stored there, where eccentric yet passionate piano technicians work hard to restore them. This short documentary directed and filmed by Mayeta Clark, touches on the decline of a once majestic industry and depicts the remaining few that hold on to the high craft of piano restoration.

Carl Demler & Beethoven Pianos Featured in Sundance Documentary: Mott Music

This documentary is about the marvelous discovery of a Piano Factory in the South Bronx and the characters that dwell within. Once a part of Mott's Iron Works in the 1880's, the largest producer of cast iron tubs of its time, now Beethoven Pianos is a place of piano restoration. Once inside, explore the synchronous lives of a piano voicer, a piano dealer, and a piano technician. 

Written & Directed by Jarred Alterman