Baldwin BH-125 Upright

Baldwin BH-125 Upright


This upright Baldwin has a timeless design and is built from premier materials, emulating the stature of a grand piano. This new BH-125 boasts nearly as much soundboard area as Baldwin’s celebrated R1 grand, to provide maximum tonal depth with vertical convenience, while looking great in the process in classic high-polish Ebony or Rosewood finish. Whether you require a vertical piano for use in the studio, orchestra, school or home, the BH-125 offers professional Baldwin tone, looks and quality through and through. 

Model: Baldwin BH-125
Polished Ebony
Main Show Room (211 West 58th Street)
Rental Option: Long Term $120/month

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Additional Info
At 125cm (49 inches) tall, the BP5 vertical piano is built to dimensions that easily accommodate a large soundboard for a deep, powerful tone. The BP5 follows the Baldwin Scale Design, a precise “recipe” to determine optimum shape of sounding area, placement of bridges, and strike points, to produce a full, deep bass, sparkling highs and a rich tone all across the frequency range. Its features strings by Mapes or Roslau with longer speaking lengths than common upright pianos, so this vertical package makes no sacrifices in the depths of its bass frequencies. Tone and performance are further enhanced by the use of premium tonewoods throughout, including a spruce soundboard, solid hard maple bridge, spruce ribs and back frame, and 19-ply laminated hard maple pinblock. Baldwin’s acclaimed Full Blow™ Direct Action contributes to a superior feel and response, and culminates in genuine virgin wool hammers for a full, balanced tone. Try the BP5 today at your authorized Baldwin dealer to determine whether it’s the perfect solution for your vertical piano needs. (